Thursday, June 3, 2010

You WILL NOT live past 30! Inspired by Erin Velez..We got this Honey:)

I was reading my girl Erins blog about how she "1. Made a clear and conscience choice that I wanted to live past thirty which I was told I probably wouldn't." Thanks Erin for that comment cause you reminded me bout something. After I ended up in my wheelchair I had no where to go. No one to ask for help so I took things into my own hands and hired a lawyer. Well to make a long, long story short lol I ended up suing the company because I felt that because of there stupidity I ended up hurting myself which could have all been avoided. So I won the suit and after all was said and done the mediator said the craziest thing to me..."Well Mr.Sanchez, because of your level of injury and weight, we have to label you, meaning that you will pass away by the age if 30." I couldn't believe it. I was totally blown away.. Here this man not GOD but some man telling me when I was going to die?!? LOL Well guess what, I am 29 years old and I'm going to make it. I am going to lose all this weight, and then when I do, I'm going to send that mediator a picture of me on my 30th birthday with a card that will read "SORRY I BEAT YOU."

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  1. This is sad...sad that the @$$hole thought he could play god by telling you when you are going to die...are you kidding me? Just like those cancer commercials say "there is no expiration tag on the bottom of your foot" I know and have faith that you will do it, live a long, healthy and loving life and I am here for you!