Thursday, June 3, 2010

Simply Change

In the beginning I had this idea, this thought that if I just ate the right way maybe, just maybe the weight would some how mysteriously disappear..What I soon realized was that's not the case. "Now Is not the time..just wait!" is what I recall my self saying all the time back when I so called "tried" to do something about my health. As I workout more and more with Omar, I can feel the change. I am starting to see the difference in my body. My clothes fit me different, and my stamina has increased. I want more, and I find my self thinking about the future. The thing that's bothering me the most is my initial weight loss. The years and years of fat build up has stretched my skin, and when the fat is gone, gravity sets in..I know I can't afford the proper surgery at this moment, but like my wife Heather said "one day at a time we will cross that bridge when we get to it." It's all good though! I'm gonna keep going until I can't go anymore:) Until the next time kiddos, I'm out!

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  1. Man, I am going and thinking the same things, especially about the skin...It's like no matter how hard we work to fix our blunder we will either have the excess skin or surgery scars to remind us everyday that we are flawed or that we are survivors....we have to make the conscience decision to think of it as the glass is half full....instead of empty. Maybe we can wait awhile after our weightloss and there might be a cheap and less scar procejure??? I like this comment...I might post this as a mini