Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wow The Change!

When I first started working out, dieting, I didn't really pay any mind to the before pictures, remembering the old me wasn't exactly what I wanted to do. Hell I was trying to improve my self so maybe, just maybe I would forget about how I used to look once I lost all the weight, and got to were I wanted to be. WRONG. Going through some old photo albums, I stumbled across some old pictures of my wife Heather and I. Holy Moses!?! I looked way bigger back in 2005 as well as Heather. The transformation is insane. How can someone go from skinny to big, to bigger? It's mind boggling to me. That's what is making me want this even more than before. It's addicting, the way I feel after I workout, the way I feel after I swim 10 laps. IT'S ALL ADDICTING. After seeing that I lost 8lbs and 261/4 inches in just 6 weeks makes me want more. I know that my life/health are all going to be better mow.

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