Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My 15 Minutes...I'm gonna do this!

When I first started this my legs were weak. I couldn't even walk outside with out already being tired, or out of breath. It's hard carrying 495lbs around you know. So my trainer Omar gave me a task, something like homework. "I want you to walk 1 mile a day, or 30 minutes". Well 1 mile was outta the picture. I couldn't even walk for 3 minutes straight. So I pushed my self. I tried walking for 15 minutes a day breaking that up into 3 minute intervals. That was hella hard, and took for ever. I think I stopped atleast 20 times in between just to catch my breath. I did that routine for 2 weeks everyday. I then switched it up. Trying 5 minute intervals. I started noticing a change in strength. Something was happening and what it was felt really good. I walked 5 minutes 3 times, but I still ended up stopping 3-4 times in between. Not too bad, but I didn't want that. So that leads me to present day. I am proud to say that I can now walk for 15 minutes STRAIGHT non stop! It feels good to sweat and hear my heart pump because I know I am doing something other than sitting around watching t.v all day.

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