Friday, September 3, 2010

My walk of FAME!

Well as many of you know, Heather and I have been hitting the gym 6 days a week. We struggle with cardio, but its just getting back on track. Heather injured her ankle so that left her out the game for at least 3 weeks. Before that she was running 3 miles and I was walking 1 quarter of a mile. Now that her foot is all healed, its getting back on that saddle thats hard. Not to mention we are in the process of moving, so thats even harder on us. We really need to get cracking on this, so I up'ed my walking game. I am proud to say that I can officially walk a full HALF of MILE!! I never once thought I would be able to that, but it was done. All I need to do now is complete that second half and make it ONE FULL MILE! Heather has made a full recovery as i stated before and now she is running one mile in a little under 8 minutes! She is really pushing her self to the limit and I know we bother are going to get it done! Well thats a little update on us, and I will make sure to get our 5 month pics and weight and measurements as well!


  1. Very cool blog. It's nice to see someone else from the central valley getting in shape. Keep up the good work! You'll be a heathy weight before you know it.

  2. Hi Junior & Heather!
    Just wanted to voice my support to both of you. You are doing a great job...just keep on plugg'in! Believe it or not, I used to plunk my four asses down on the couch with a pint of mint chip ice cream to watch The Biggest Loser. LOL. How sad is that? Now I am up and moving around, eating clean & healthy, and walking. In fact, this morning I walked 5K on the trail...and I'm still in the 300's. You can check my progress on my blog "Battle of the Butt" here: Battle of the Butt

    I will definitely add you to my blog list so I can check on you both! Keep go'in!